March 11

Over 340 companies have announced their withdrawal from Russia.

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February 27

EU countries are massively closing the skies to Russian planes. Complete blockade ahead.

Germany, Finland and Denmark have decided to join the countries whose governments have already closed their space to Russian airlines.

Countries that have closed their airspace to the aggressor country consist of the following: Bulgaria, Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Finland and the Czech Republic, Ireland, Moldova and Iceland. 


February 26

China has joined the sanctions against Russia. Two Chinese banks have limited agreements with Russia

China’s two largest state-owned banks have restricted deals to buy Russian raw materials, the Bank of China and ICBC.


February 25

The United States is imposing sanctions on Putin, Lavrov, and members of Russia’s security forces

The Russian leader will be the top official in the US attempt to punish the Russian economy and Putin’s inner circle after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The EU and Britain  have adopted  another package of sanctions for Russia: against Putin and Lavrov

European Union approves sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Russia has been expelled  from the Council of Europe for attacking Ukraine

The Joint Committee of the Council of Europe has suspended Russia’s participation in all CoE bodies for attacking Ukraine.

Ukraine’s National Bank has revoked its banking license and is liquidating Russian-controlled banks

These are the International Reserve Bank, which is 100% owned by Sberbank of Russia and Prominvestbank, which is 99.77% owned by the Russian state bank VEB.

Sberbank cut off from dollar transactions. VTB is completely blocked, its assets are frozen. 

Debt capital restrictions for a wide range of Russian firms – in mining, metallurgy, energy, transportation and logistics. Unprecedented multilateral control over the export of critical technologies.

Germany has announced a complete blockade of Russian banks

“There is already a complete blockade of Russian banks, so business with Russia has almost stopped,” said German Finance Minister Christian Lindner before a meeting of European finance ministers in Paris.

Japan will impose additional sanctions on Russia

The new package of sanctions includes a ban on the export of semiconductors to Russia, the freezing of assets of Russian banks and the suspension of visas for some Russian individuals and legal entities, Prime Minister Fumio Kisida said.

The EU has announced details of new sanctions over Russia’s aggression

“The package of sanctions approved tonight will affect 70% of the Russian banking market, as well as major state-owned companies, including in the military sector,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Increase Russia’s spending on loans, accelerate inflation and gradually undermine the industry.

Sanctions in the energy sector will make it difficult for Russia to upgrade its refining equipment and plants.

The sale of aircraft, parts and aircraft equipment to Russian companies is completely prohibited.

Restrict Russia’s access to the latest technologies important for modernization and development, such as semiconductors and other advanced technologies. 

Sanctions against Russian elites will not allow them to keep their assets in Europe.

Due to visa restrictions, Russian diplomats and businessmen will lose the privileged opportunity to enter the EU.

Taiwan adopts sanctions against Russia

The Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced economic sanctions due to Russia ‘s invasion of Ukraine .

New Zealand imposes bans on travel of Russian officials and military exports to Russia

New Zealand has banned the travel of Russian officials, as well as the export of goods to the Russian military and security forces.


February 24

The United States is imposing strong sanctions and export restrictions on Russia 

“We will limit Russia’s ability to do business in dollars, pounds and yen,” Biden said.

Canada revokes permits for all imports from Russia

Canada is immediately suspending all permits to import Russian goods and has no plans to issue new ones, said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Britain tightened sanctions: completely expel Russian banks from the country 

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson said that the leaders of the G7 on Thursday agreed to tighten sanctions against Russia and rid Europe of dependence on Russian oil and gas. In particular, Britain is imposing the following sanctions:

All major Russian banks will be excluded from the UK financial system. This will deprive them of access to pounds sterling and clearing payments through London.
“Given that half of Russia’s trade is in dollars and pounds, I am pleased to announce that the United States is implementing similar measures,” Johnson said.

A complete and immediate freeze on VTB Bank’s assets is envisaged.

Large Russian companies and the state will be prohibited from raising finance or borrowing money in the UK markets.

Another 100 individuals and legal entities will be frozen. Among them are Putin’s former son-in-law Kirill Shamalov, VTB Vice President Denis Bortnikov, and the head of Promsvyazbank Petro Fradkov.

Dual-use export licenses will be suspended to cover goods that can be used for military purposes.

UK will stop exporting high-tech goods and equipment for refining.

A limit will be introduced on deposits that Russians can keep in UK bank accounts.

Switzerland has joined the EU sanctions against Russia

The Swiss federal government has decided to join the European Union’s sanctions against Russia.

France will strike at Russia “with sanctions of the same level as the aggression for which Russia must be held accountable”

“Last night’s events marked a turning point in European history,” French President Emmanuel Macron said.

Latvia stops issuing visas to Russians

Riga stops issuing visas to Russians and recalls the ambassador to Russia, said the Latvian Foreign Minister. 

NATO condemns actions of Russia and Belarus, plans to deploy additional forces on eastern flank

“We support the people of Ukraine and its legitimately, democratically elected president, parliament and government. We will always support Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty within its internationally recognized borders, including its territorial waters,” the Alliance said.

Australia condemns Russia for invading. Imposes sanctions against another 25 Russians

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced sanctions against 25 other Russians, including army commanders, mercenaries and ministers. “There will be further waves of sanctions as soon as we identify those responsible for these blatant actions, including about 300 members of the Russian parliament,” said the prime minister.


February 23

The European Union imposed sanctions on Russia. They will affect 555 individuals and 52 companies

EU sanctions include  351 deputies of the State Duma as well as  27 individuals and legal entities that played a significant role in recognition of occupied territories as “republics.”

Verkhovna Rada supports sanctions against Russians who voted for “independence” ORDLO

The Ukrainian parliament passed a resolution imposing sanctions on deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The sanctions list includes 351 deputies.

Canada has imposed a package of economic sanctions against Russia

Sanctions include:

Introduction of restrictions on deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation who voted for the decision on recognition of “independence” of occupied territories.

The introduction of a ban on agreements in non-government-controlled so-called “republics” would effectively ban Canadians from participating in specific agreements and activities in those regions.

Introduction of new bans on direct and indirect transactions with Russia’s sovereign debt.

The imposition of sanctions against two major Russian financial institutions to prevent Russia from further financing its aggressive actions.

Britain will close Russia’s access to financial markets in the event of further aggression

They will include a ban on the sale of Russian sovereign debt and sanctions against key Russian oligarchs and organizations.

Japan is also imposing sanctions on Russia

Sanctions include a ban on the issuance of Russian bonds in Japan and the freezing of assets of some Russians, as well as restrictions on travel to Japan. 

US Treasury Department released details of sanctions against Russia

In particular, they included two Russian banks, Vnesheconombank and Promsvyazbank, as well as 42 of their subsidiaries. These are the fifth and eighth largest banks in Russia, respectively –  they will be cut off from the US financial system and will not be able to operate in the United States. 


February 22

Biden announces first package of sanctions against Russia: they will include sovereign debt and Russia’s elites

“We will increase sanctions as events unfold,” said US President Joe Biden.

“No more shopping in Milan, parties in Saint-Tropez, diamonds in Antwerp. This is the first step.”

This is how EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Joseph Borrell commented on EU sanctions against Russians on Twitter.

France has called Putin’s speech “paranoid” and is already preparing sanctions

“We and our European partners are going to impose appropriate targeted sanctions against Russia’s interests,” said French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mer.

Danish Pension Fund immediately stops investing in Russian assets

AkademikerPension, a $ 23 billion pension fund, will immediately stop new investments in Russian government bonds and companies in which the state owns more than 50%.

Japan plans to limit Russia’s supply of advanced technology in response to the invasion of Ukraine

Japan is considering joining US sanctions against Russia in the event of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. 

Britain imposes sanctions on five banks and three oligarchs close to Putin

They included five Russian banks, including Russia Bank, Promsvyazbank, IS Bank, Genbank, and the Black Sea Bank for Reconstruction and Development, as well as oligarchs close to Vladimir Putin, Gennady Timchenko, Boris Rotenberg, and his nephew Igor Rotenberg.

Germany freezes certification of Nord Stream-2 – Scholz

“The German Ministry of Economy has been instructed to do so,” the chancellor said.

“Sanctions immediately!” – demands the President of Poland Andrzej Duda .

Putin is undermining the European order established at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. “Only a tough stance and Ukraine’s political defense can stop the aggressor,” he said.

United States imposed the first sanctions

The decree prohibits investments and financial activities of US representatives in the occupied territory.